CUSTOM Sneakers and Repainting

Sneaker Custom and Repainting.

Bored of your sneakers?
Wanna stand out? Or just have a cool concept in mind?

Contact us now and let our brushes do some magic.

HURRY and book for your slot now.
We can only accomodate 10-12 projects every month. That is ‘Quality over Quantity’.


1. How much is the fee for custom sneakers?
– Our fee starts at AED650 per pair of sneakers for small customisation with 1-2 colors.  Please send us your custom design so we can give you a proper quote of price and delivery time.

2. How long does it take to finish a custom sneaker?
– 1 pair of sneakers takes 7-10 days to finish.

3. Do you provide the sneakers to be customised?
 – In incidents where our clients cannot provide the base sneaker for the project, we will try our best to source the sneaker. This will be billed separately.

4. How do I pay for the customisation?
– Full payment is required before starting a project. We accept cash, money transfer, bank deposit, cheque and *PayPal.
*PayPal fees and local conversion rates applies.

5. How do I get my sneakers once its done?
 – All finished sneakers will be sent out for delivery via Aramex. Tracking will be provided. Shipping Fee Applies.

6. Can I cancel a custom project?
 – Yes, clients can cancel a project anytime. BUT, paints used and artist’s fees (paid per hour) will be billed to the client + a 15% cancellation fee of the agreed project.

7. Can I return my sneakers?
 – All custom sneakers CANNOT be returned.